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There are many things that can naturally damage your roof over time. Severe weather conditions are one of the most common — and one of the most destructive. Terrible storms can bring you immediate emergencies if debris (such as tree branches or limbs) fall on your house and leave a hole in your roof. But sometimes, during other severe weather events, you might not be aware that you have any issue at all. Hail can often really destroy a roof, though noticing the damages can be difficult to do — until it’s too late.

But we can help! We know how to look for hail damage, as well as how to survey your whole roof for any other signs of damage as a result of harsh weather conditions. With our roof hail damage repair services in Indianapolis, IN, we’ll make sure your roof is back to its stable, durable self in no time. Let us help you! To learn more about our hail repair services, chat with our Handfeld Roofing team by calling us at 317-296-8005 today!

Hail can damage your roof in different ways, though you sometimes can’t see the damages until you get up on your roof and know what you’re looking for. When there is a hail storm, hail falls on your house and is potentially affected by very strong winds. This isn’t good. However, your roof won’t be severely damaged unless the hail is as large as a golf ball. But a small hail storm can still leave your roof needing a little bit of repair.

Hail can greatly affect your shingles, which may lead to you needing asphalt shingle repair. At the very least, the overall shingle could be slightly damaged, which is never good. Any time a shingle has an issue, it can result in many other problems and even potentially result in water leaking through to your house every time it rains. Hail can also make your shingles lose their granules, which can greatly decrease the overall durability of your roof. The granules on shingles help keep your roof stable during harsh weather conditions (such as hail storms), and when these granules are gone, your whole roof can slowly suffer. Plus, the loss of granules can also expose your shingles to harsh UV rays from the sun, and this only decreases the shingle life span.

Sometimes, it’s hard to really survey and find hail damage if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But we do! Even a small hail storm can become detrimental to the overall well being and stability of your roof. Let us evaluate your roof and find out what the issue is, repairing any problems that we may see in the process.

Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

Let us help you! Our team of expert roofers understands how difficult finding hail damage can be. We also understand how hail can leave a roof in disrepair after a particularly devastating hail storm. Let us help you out. If you find yourself in a difficult position after harsh weather conditions have damaged your homes, we can make your life that much easier by repairing or replacing your roof. To learn more about our roof hail damage repair services in Indianapolis, IN, as well as our other emergency services, give us a call at 317-296-8005. Our team at Handfeld Roofing is awaiting your call!