Siding Installation and Repair

Man working on siding installation

Siding Installation

Just like roofs, the siding of your home also faces its own set of problems, which may result in you having to repair them or install new ones if the old siding cannot be saved. Sometimes, it may just be too damaged. And, just like when your roof is damaged, it’s easy to feel lost and worried when you realize that your siding needs to be repaired. After all, how does one go about siding repair? Why is your siding having problems to begin with?

We’re here to help! Our team of professionals knows all about siding installation and repair in Indianapolis, IN. Our residential services don’t just stop at roofing — we also offer siding services as well. If you notice something off with your siding and believe you need a professional to look at it, we can help you understand your options, such as vinyl or Hardie board siding. To learn more about our siding repair services, contact our team at Handfeld Roofing by calling us at 317-296-8005 today!

There are many different reasons why your siding may need to be repaired. Warping and buckling vinyl or Hardie board is one of the most common reasons why people look into siding repair as it, unfortunately, happens to a lot of people. This tends to happen if the siding isn’t installed correctly and your siding is contracting in the cold and expanding in the heat. If your vinyl is buckling, you may need to replace the whole siding, as it has probably let moisture and insects into this area. However, we don’t just repair your siding — we also offer siding replacement services!

If you know your siding needs help but you don’t know what’s wrong with it, give us a call and we check your house out. As a roof repair company, we understand how worrisome these moments can be. Let us help you out! Whether your siding needs a little repair or if a lot of it needs to be replaced, we’ll work with you to find the best plan for you, your house, and your budget. To learn more about our siding installation services in Indianapolis, IN, call our team at Handfeld Roofing by dialing 317-296-8005!